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Your expert in the field of artificial intelligence, web3 and AI customer service journeys. Better service at lower costs: it is really happening and will help you with embark on this great new journey.

Do you have a ChatGPT account and want to see what we can build for you in just under one week? Check out our chatbot here.




We first listen to what the need is. There is so much available on the market that there is a solution for every problem. But you have to know which one and does and works independently. This way we are not restricted by one platform or solution. And this means that we can fully focus on designing the most efficient service journey. The shortest route to the right answer for the staff and for the customer. We make it better for the customer, so come.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are often a major annoyance, but with the arrival of AI applications, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Training a chatbot, which was so time-consuming and complex, has become much easier with services such as ChatGPT, Bing and Bard. And it has also become much more pleasant and more real for the user; you now experience real interactions. With you provide your customers and employees with a tool that really makes things much better and therefore more fun. And of course also more efficient and therefore cheaper. Try ours? Check it out here.



Web3 redefines service journeys and customer interactions through decentralized technology, making every interaction traceable, transparent and 'improveable'. Customers experience a new level of autonomy and engagement, while companies benefit from improved data integrity and customer insights. This evolution in customer service creates an environment of accurate, valuable customer data, benefiting both the customer and the business.



Gamification in employee training and compliance turns the learning process into a fun experience. By integrating game elements such as avatars, points and badges, employees are motivated and involved, resulting in higher retention of important information. This innovative approach not only encourages learning, but also ensures compliance guidelines are conveyed in an interactive and memorable way. Gamification makes learning fun and effective, which is essential for both employee development and compliance.


Our mission is to support companies in providing adequate and affordable service. All our solutions are based on that principle: it should make it better, faster and, above all, easier to access the right information. And that also makes it cheaper. This makes your organization a lot more efficient, your employees are more satisfied and the NPS also increases by an average of more than 20 points.

Who is We are a needs-based team of independent professionals, supplemented by two university researchers. Almost all of us work on ICT issues in both the public and private sectors. On the one hand, this keeps us sharp on the latest developments and on the other hand, it also removes commercial pressure. No strange tricks or sky-high prices, but a team of ambitious experts in the field of customer journey optimization and AI and with a clear mission; smart applications to make it easier and better for


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